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by Jec Enterprises
(Asokoro, Abuja, Nigeria)

6 bedroom duplex for sale in Asokoro for N600 million naira. call 07035349897

6 bedroom duplex for sale in Asokoro for N600 million naira. call 07035349897

1- Maitama main, 1,500sqm. Residential C of O. N350m

2- Maitama main 1560sqm Residential C of O. N320m
3- Guzape 1,220sqm Residential R of O. N40m
4- Wuye 1165sqm Residential C of O. N75m
5- Kyami 20Ha Housing Estate R of O. N750m
6- Gudu 2,200sqm Multi-function C of O. N85m
7- Gwagwalada 10hect Farmland C of O. N65m
8- Kagini 1228.29 Residential Offer N6M -9m
9- Maitama Aliero 1840.60sqm Residential Offer N150M
10- Maitama Aliero 5,030sqm Residential C of O. N450m
11- Maitama Aliero 1560sqm Residential R of O. N70m
12- Asokoro 1700sqm Residential R of O. N110m
13- Guzape 1500sqm Residential C of O. N95m
14- Lugbe1, 3.45 Ha Estate-Mass housing C of O. N85m
15- Jahi 4400sqm Petrol Filling station C of O. N400m
16- Games Village 8428.24sqm Petrol Filling Station R of O. N150m
17- Jahi 7174.11sqm Commercial C of O. N320m
18- Kyami 1200sqm Residential R of O. N8m
19- Kyami 1500sqm Residential R of O. N8m
20- Karu 1.5Ha Estate Devt R of O N150m. Partnership allowed
21- Katampe main 2.5Ha Commercial Offer. N400m
22- Katampe 2000sqm Residential C of O. N65m
23- Jahi 3.3Ha Commercial Offer. N800m
24- Jahi 3000sqm Comm C of O. N350m
25- Asokoro main Six Bdroom Duplex with swimming pool, 2bdrm Guest Challette, 2room bq Residential C of O N600m Neg.
26- Mabushi 4 units of 4dbr with 1rm Bq.
-4 units of 4bdr.
-2 units of 3bdr. ALL Duplexes
-borehole Residential C of O N500m
27- Lokogoma 7 nos. 4bdrm Duplexes Residential Allocation N170m Each – 180M
28- Garki Area 3, 2 no. 4bdr duplexes
& bqs Residential C of O N250m for both
29- Kuje Area Council Sauka 10Ha. X 10 =100Ha Mass Housing C.R of O N35m per ha and 3.5 billion for 100 ha
30- GUZAPE 1800Sqm Residential C of O. N130m
31- Wuse Zone 3, 1463.99 sqm Commercial C of O N300m
32- Lugbe 3000sqm Commercial FHA. N150m
33- Lubge 1Ha Fenced School FHA. N180m
34 - Jahi 4800sqm school C of O. N250m
35 - OROZO 1732.04sqm Residential offer. N5m
Call us on 07035349897, 08102220553

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