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. Karmo Mass Housing Estate, plot 468, Size: 3.53 hectares, Title: C of O Price: 500 million naira
. Idu Gbagyi, 72 hectares, price: 2.7 Billion
. Jahi, Multi-Purpose, plot: 561, File no. 10354, Size:2,464.02m2. Price: 110 million
. Kado, Commercial, 1.25 hectares, C of O, plot. 393, file no. MISC 89169. 650 MILLION
. Asokoro Residential, at Aguiyi Ironsi way, close to the Villa, 3000 sqm C of O, Price: 450 million
. 2198.07sqm Fenced, Opp MIB plaza Gwarimpa , Residential, R of O, Plot no: 952. File no. ED61271. Price: 200 Million
. Mabushi 1300sqm, C of O, Residential, Price: 32 Million
. Jahi, Residential, plot: 561, File no. en10354, Size:2,464.02m2. Price: 115 million
. Gwarimpa plot no: 942, Along 371 road gwarimpa, Residential, FHA Price: 43 million
. Idu Sabo, 15 hectares, plot 15, Mass Housing Estate, Price: 415 million
. Filling Station plot, 5000sqm Jahi along kubwa express way, price: 350 million C of O
. Filling station plot, @ Kado, 2478sqm, price: 216 million
. 1.3 hectares, Maitama main, C of O, Price: 4.5 billion
. Dape Residenctial, plot no 812, C of O, Size: 2400sqm, Price: 43 million
. Dape Residenctial, plot no 813, C of O, Size: 2400sqm, Price: 43 million
. Dape Residenctial, plot no: 860, Size: 2415sqms, C of O, Price: 46 million
. Sabon Lugbe East extension layout, R of O, plot no: ED 6252, Size: 4 hectares, Mass housing estate, Price: 14.5 million

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most people that invest in them lose their money