by Engr Valentine Ezike


. katampe main, 718sqms @ 23million C of O paid with a building plan approval
.Galadimawa, 25 hectares estate plot,
. Kaura Games Village, 1500 smqs,@ 22milliion net buildable
. Aso villa, 3000sqms, @ 650 million, C of O, Residential
. Jabi lake by American embassy, 4600sqms, 400million asking, C of O.
. Guarding and recreational park, 5000sqms at maitama main, 10million asking.
. Karmo-Dape layout (church plot, 5000sqms, 40million asking R of O
. Gwarinpa II, 1200sqms, @ 25 million, C of O.
. Dakibua, 780sqms, @ 19million C of O
. Kurudu, 2000sqms, R of O, @4million asking.
. kado, 1600sqms, @38million c of o, buildable.
.kado, 1900sqms, @35milliion, C of O.
. Central Area 1.7 hectares, 1.4 billion, Commercial, C of O.
. Central Area 2700sqms, C of O, @350million,
. Gwarinpa II, Residential (private housing Estate), 28 hectares , C of O, 7.5 Billion. Asking
. School Jahi, 2.17 Hectares @ 100million C of O
. Mabuchi Commercial, 3199.78sqms, C of O @ 150million
. Jabi Commerical 3622.43sqms, C of O @ 200million
. Mpape 2 Hectares, Housing Estate, C of O, @ 60million
. Karshi, 29.48 Hectares @ 350 million
. Jahi-Filling Station Plot, 4000sqms @350 million asking price
. Gaguwa buildable, 1058.19sqms, C of O, 20million asking
. Kagini, estate plot, 7000sqms, 35million askiing
. Karsana, 40 hectares, Mass Housing, 1.5billion net
. Ido Gwari, Mass Housing, 56hectares, 4.5billion Asking
. Jabi Lake View, 4000sqms, C of O, 400million
. Gwarimpa, 1500sqms, Residential, C of O, 50million asking
. Gudu hospital plot, 3300sqms, at 187million Asking C of O
. Mubuchi, Residential, 1300sqms, C of O at 33million asking
. GSM Village Wuse zone 1, land for Guarding Park and Recreations, 2800sqms, 3.2million asking
. Jabi, Residential land, 2000sqms, C of O 230million
. Jahi, Residential, 899sqms, C of O at 20million Buildable
.Katampe Extension, 1800sqms, at 55million C of O
. Karmo, Mini Estate Plot, 8000sqms, at 200million
. Karmo, private housing Estate, C of O, 500million
. Gudu, commercial, 1.1 hectares, C of O 700milliion
. Karsana, Mass housing, 18.4 hectares, 850million
. 50 hectares at Airport road, (Sabon lube South west extension) with good lant topography, at 180million
. A 9 hectare land behind a completed hotel by Airport road express at 68million asking
. A multi-function land behind an ongoing Estate, Lugbe extension 3000sqms @ 13million R of O

. Idu phase 1, 3 hectares , C of O, 270million Net
. Kagini Estate, 7000sqms, R of O @ 35million Asking
. Maitama main, 5 bedroom duplex and BQ, 350million asking
. Mabuchi, 1140 sqms, Residential, C of O 35million asking
. 5 bedroom duplex and BQ in an Estate, 90% completion, 45million asking
. Commercial property fenced at zone 5, 4600sqms, C of O, 600million
. A multi-functional land in Dei-Dei for sale suitable for factory or wale house, 5000sqms Serial Plot, R of O. @ 33Million
. Residential plot in Kyami by Airport road, House of Assembly layout, 1800sqms, @ 6million
. Land in dakibiu Residential, 780 sqms, at the back of finance quarters, 19 million C OF O
. Asokoro Main (close to AIT), Residential, 2328.13sqms C of O 180million Close to ECOWAS ASOKORO, bebind old police station, by MOGADISHU KANTOMENT Abuja.
. Pyakasa Airport Road Abuja, Residential, 2000sqms, R OF O, 10million
. Gwarimpa 1, Residential, 1200 sqms, C OF O , 28 million.
. Kado, Residential, 1600sqms, C OF O , 38 million Net
. Aso Villa, Residential, 3130sqmms, C OF O , 600million
. Asokoro (AIT) Residential 2,522 sqm C OF O 250million
. Asokoro T. Y. Danjuma 2,299 sqm C OF O 300million
. A residential plot in Gwarimpa 1, size 1200sq c of o 28million
. Katampe main, hotel plot, 3000sq, by ABC transport c of o 89million
. Pyakasa, 2000sq, residential plot, 9million R OF O
. Asokoro Residential plot, 2328.13 sqm C OF O 180million
. Maitama (Main) commercial 4,000sqm C OF O 757Million
. Asokoro (AIT) Residential 2,522 sqm C OF O 250million
. Asokoro T. Y. Danjuma 2,299 sqm C OF O 300million
. Katampe Extension, Residential plot, 1800sqms, C OF O 60Milliion asking.
. Utako, Residential plot, 1200sqms C OF O, 90million Asking.
.Lugbe, School plot, 5000sqms, R OF O 44Million Asking
. Karu by keffi express Residential estate plus farm produce on ground 36hecters c of o 266million
. Airpots Road, sabon lugbe, south west Ext Abuja, Multifunctional, 50hecters, R OF O 200million
. Traders Automobile Village, Multifunctional, 1hecters C OF O , 2.2million
. Marbuchi Residential 1100sqms, C of O 35 million
. Jahi Residential, 899sqms C of O, 20 million
. Asokoro Ext, Residential, 1,600sqm C OF O 133million
. Idu area 18, industrial, 3hecters, c of o 210million
. Idu Ext 16, industrial, 1hecters, c of o , 105million

. Pyakasa Airport Road Abuja, Residential, 2000sqms, R OF O, 10million
. Karsanna, Mass housing Estate, 43 hectares of land, R OF O, 1.5 Billion Net
. Aso Villa, Residential plot, 3130sqmms, C OF O , 600million net
. Kado, Residential plot, 1600sqms, C OF O , 38 million Net
. Gwarimpa 1, Residential, 1200 sqms, C OF O 28 million

. Hotel for sale, within the zones in Abuja., c of o , 600million
. 4 bedroom with guest chalet 3 4 room BQ, Asokoro c of o 450million
. Maitama main 5 bedroom duplex with BQ (Twin) @ 450 million C of O
. 17 bedrooo mansion, Asokoro (main) @ 400 million
. 3 bedroom Duplex, Area 1, @ 50million C of O.

. 4 bedroom duplex plus 2 bedroom bq at wuse 2, going 266million
. Asokoro 17 rooms Mansion, 5 parlors, 5 kitching at the rate of 400million
C of O.
. 3 bedroom at Area 11 (first floor), at 25million
Galadimawa, 25hectares Estate Land, 1.5billion
. 3 bedrooms flat in Mararaba Nasarawa State with borehole, 24hrs light, R of O 25million Asking
. 3 bedrooms blocks of flat in Mararaba Nasarawa State attached with 2 set of 2 bedrooms R of O 30 million Asking
. Duplex, 2 bedrooms down, 3 bedroom up with 24hrs light and borehole in Mararaba Nasarawa State R of O 50million Asking
. Uncompleted 3 bedrooms flat in Mararaba Nasarawa State, R of O 10 million Asking
. Property for sale ate Apo Resettlement scheme, description: two bedroom duplex at DPC level, and a three bedroom flat attaché behind already roofed. SIZE: 450 sqms, at 19million.
. Wuse II (A08), Commercial, A commercial duplex, c of o 358million
. Wuse Zone 6, A Bedroom Parlor with Large Space, 800sqm, c of o 99million
. Wuse II Abuja, commercial, A plaza with a pant house and lift, (suitable also for office use), 1.650 billion
. Hotel for sale, within the zones in Abuja. (33 rooms), C OF O 600million
. Wuse II Abuja, commercial, A plaza with a pant house and lift, (suitable also for office brand new), C OF O 750 million
. Maitama (main), A three floor plaza vacant, c of o 750 million
. Hotel for sale at zone 6 Abuja. (both hotel are service), c of o , 1.5Billion
. Hotel for sale at Zone 7 with 33 rooms, highly strategic, c of o, 600million asking.

. filling Station + 5 bedroom duplex @ 650 million (non-service filling station) within Abuja Zones
. Filling station for Sale withing Abuja Main town, 6 pumps, 4 pumps, 1, AGO, 1, DPK, mim-mart Generator House 4 Leg Cannopy Attached; Six bedroom Duplex, C of O, 1600sqms, 600million.

. 8 (4 Service) Pumps filling station, Off Giri junction Abuja (also available for lease), 266million
. Filling station and plaza,@ 90% competition, Airports Road Lugbe, 555million
. Filling Station Services, Along Kaduna road Suleja, 70million

(Multi Professional Consult)
Juba 4 Street wuse zone 6,
beside Hampton Hotel by development control Abuja.

Mayor: +234(0)8062373023
Aliyu: +234(0)8036817398
Engr. Valentine: +234(0)8065388239

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