Properties Selling now in Abuja


Properties Selling now in Abuja-Nigeria for 2015

. a Multi Function Land located @ Efab Estate, by Karmo District, 2200sqms, R of O, N35 Million asking (Bla)
. Land located @ Asokoro main, 2300sq, Residential, N170 million c of o (MYR)
. Jahi Residentila land (multi-function) 2464.02m2, C of O, Price: N100 million (BAKA)
. Karmo Residential, (medium Density), 4244.16m2, R of O, Price: N60 million net (CHIDAWA)
. Karmo Residential, 2133.30m2, C of O, price: N47 million (BAKA)
. Wuye, Residential C of O, 1100sm2, price: 50 million net (ftus)
. Asokoro main, Residential, 2328.13m2 C of O, N150 million (MYR)
. Karmo 1.90 Hectares, by Turkish Hospital, Cadastral zone C20, (mixex use) Multifunction) R of O, N300 million (FETS)
. Asokoro Main (close to AIT), Residential, 2328.13sqms C of O N180million Close to ECOWAS ASOKORO, bebind old police station, by MOGADISHU KANTOMENT Abuja.
. Karmo Residential land, Medium Density, Private Housing Estate, R of O, 4,344.16sqms, Price: N100million
. Gudu Residential land, 1,536.74sqms, C of O, Price: N65Million (CALL B)
. Karmo Residential, C of O, 1000sqms, Price: N20 million
. Gusape Residential, C of O, 1500sqm, Price: N75million
. Maitama main, Commercial, 3000sqm, C of O, Price: N650million
. Mararaba, Maraba land 45/43, located between state house and Anguwan Albarka, MARARABA Abuja. 2 bedroom flat each room with toilet and bathroom, parlor, dining area, kitchen and store 95% completion, Price: 4.2 million net
. Karmo Multi-Functional land, 1.9 hectares, C of O, Price: N260 million (Bala)
. Guzape Residential, C of O, 2400sqm, Price: N120 million (Kings)
. Lugbe by centinary, 1500sqm, R of O, Residential, Price: N3.7 million (Lugbe land)
. Guzape Residential, 1500sqm, Price: N65 million (Kings)
. Karmo Residential, cadestral zone: C01, plot no, 491, file no, KN 60200, Size: 2133.30sqm2, C of O, Price: 4.5 million (baka)
. Dape Residential, plot no: 2185, Size: 1950.2sqm, file no: KT 60897, price: 30 million R of O (kinde)
. Dape Residential. plot no: L992, Size: 3116.75sqm, file no: KB 10193, price: 30 million R of O (kinde)
. Mbora 1400sqm, C of O, Residential plot, Buildable, 20 million net (Myr)
. Mbora 1300sqm, C of O, Residential plot, Buildable, 25 million net (Myr)
. Utako plot no: 281, size: 2,534.30sqm, Title; residential C of O, Buildable. Price: 200 million asking (baka)
. Karmo commercial plot, plot no: 589, size: 8946.61sqm, Title: R of O, commercial Price: 175 milion asking (baka)
. Guzape Residential plot, 2311.14sm2, C of O, price: 80million net (Aliyu-T6)
. Guzape Residential plot, 2300sm2, C of O, price: 130million (Aliyu)
. Guzape Residential plot, 2142sm2, C of O, price: 100million (Aliyu)
. Guzape Residential plot, 1500sm2, C of O, price: 65 million net ( kingsley-T348)
. Wuye 1 hectare, Commercial, price: 500million (ftus)
. Karmo Estate Development plot, Plot 69, Size: 1.3 hectares, Titile: C of O, Price: 250 milion (KM Adams)
. Karmo Estate Development plot, plot 78, Size: 9,650.49m2, Title: C of O, price: 160 million (KM Adams)
. Idu Gbagyi, 72 hectares, price: 2.7 Billion (baka)
. Kyami, 11 hectares, R of O, price: 450 million (Suleiman)
. Karmo 2 hectares c of O, estate plot, Price: 350million net (baka)
. Karasana South, 20.7 hectares, R of O, Price: 700million (Ftus)
. Gosa by airport road, 66 hectares, R of O, price: 4 billion
. Kyami 50 hectares, R of O, Price: 2.7 billion (Pat)
. Kagini 5 hectars each, = 10 hectares and 8 hectares on the other side of the road all mixed use, and 6 hectares Commercial that can be changed to mixed use. price: (pat)
. Lugbe plot no MF 1427, Size 5 hectares, Price: 50 million (ftus)
. karasana south 21 hectares with building approval, R of O, close to existing estate, Price: 1.2 billion (Ftus)
. Karmo Mass Housing Estate, plot 468, Size: 3.53 hectares, Title: C of O Price: 500 million naira (km Adams)
. Idu Sabo, 15 hectares, plot 15, Mass Housing Estate, Price: 415 million (kinde frd)
. Dape Residenctial, plot no 812, C of O, Size: 2400sqm, Price: 43 million (kinde)

Dape Residenctial, plot no 813, C of O, Size: 2400sqm, Price: 43 million (kinde)
. Dape Residenctial, plot no: 860, Size: 2415sqms, C of O, Price: 46 million (kinde)
. Sabon Lugbe East extension layout, R of O, plot no: ED 6252, Size: 4 hectares, Mass housing estate, Price: 14.5 million (musti)
. Private Housiing Estate Land located at Aviation village airport road, 6.8 hectares R of O, Price:400 million net FCDA ALLOCATION (musti)
. Private Housiing Estate Land located in Kyami, R of O, 10.36 hectares, Price: 500 million net FCDA ALLOCATION (musti)
. Mpape 1.3 hectares for sales, estate development plot, price: 100 million asking (Rev uche)
. Karmo plot no: 69, Size: 1.03 hactare, C of O, private housing estate, Price: 260 million asking (baka)
. Mabushi 2.07 Hectares, estate land use, C of O, price: N1.1 biillion
. Dape 18.06 Hectares, Private housing estate, R of O, N1.8 billion
. Utako, 2 hectares Price @ N1.5 billion c of o net
. Kyami plot 13, 14, 15, and 16, R of O, price: N1.7 billion net
. Idu Gwari, 72 hectares, price @ N1.9 billion net
. Lugbe Extension, 40 hectares Multi-fuction (MF) , N350 million R of O
. Sobon lugbe extension, 10 , Multi-fuction (MF) price :@ N100 million R of O
. Lugbe extension, 20 hectares, Multi-fuction (MF), price @ N170 million R of O
. Kyami 24.90 Hectares, Mixed use, Conprehensive Development, R of O, Price: N1.2billion net
. Kyami 2.60 Hectares, Commercial, Petrol Filling Station, R of O, Price: N75 million net
. Kuja area Council, 38 Hectares, R of O, Comprehensive Development, price: N350Million
. Karmo 9000sqm, C of O, Price: 350 million (Abubakar)
. Lugbe plot, no MF 1427, Size 5 hectares, price: 50 million (ftus)

(C).HOUSE FOR SALES (Serious Buyers only)
. For Sale @ Chikka and Galadimawa
Location: Sam Nujoma Housing Estate 6 min Drive to central Business District.
Description: New 5 Bedroom Duplex with all rooms ensuite with two sitting rooms,a guest rooms and a security house with gate and a borehole.
Price:109 Million (PRINCESS)
. Location : Sam Nujoma Housing Estate 6 min Drive to central Business District
Description: Bungalow 3 Bedroom fully Detached bungalow with a guest room.
Price : 29 Million (PRINCESS)
. Location: Chikka 6 min Drive to central business district
Description: New 4 Bedroom with all rooms ensuite with two sitting rooms,a guest room and a security house fenced with gate and a borehole.
Price: 129 Million (PRINCESS)
. Utako, a 24 bedroom duplex, on a 2,400.39sqms, fully furnished, C of O, Price: N750 million (KINGSLEY)
. JABI V.I.P ZONE, Brand new 5bedroom duplex, one rooom bq, semi-detach, tastefully furnished, furnish kitchen, Jacuzi, study room, Laundry room, store, waiting room, two parlour, dining room, two bacony, state of art warddropes in each room, Jacuzi all over, etc Price: 250 million asking (utako plaza)
. 3 bedroom flat at C. B. N QTRS, Area 3, 26 million (Rev Uche)
. 5 Bedroom Duplex on a 2200sqm land inpetrol fillion station land, 4,996.93sqms, Commerical R of O, N400million
. Located: Apo, 4990sq price @ N180 million R of O
. Located at Kado, 2000sq, price @ N190 million c of o
. Located at Dape, 3000sq, price @ N60 million c of o net
. located at Kubwa express, 1 hectare, it has AGIS, BUILDING APPROVAL AND POLICE FIRE SERVICE APPROVAL, price @ N120 million c of o
. Kubwa fully completed petrol Filling station, with about 18 pumps, newly built, Price: N450 million net

(E). INDUSTRIAL LANDS FOR SALE (Serious Buyers only)
. Idu Industiral land, along the road, 1.22 hectares, C of O, price: N135 million (Myr)
. Idu Industrial Land use, size: 4.49 hectares, C of O, Price: 450 million (baka)
. Idu industrial land, 9784.77m2, C of O, price: N150million net (baka)
. Idu Industrial land, 6,273.13sqms, C of O, Price: N80Million net
. Idu industrial land, (not specified) 9,784.77sqms, C of O, Price: N150 million (BAKA)
. Idu Industrial land, 1 hectare, C of O, Price: 90 million net (Bla)
. Idu industrial land for sale, 9700sqm+, C of O, Price: 150million net (baka)
. Idu industrial land for sale, 4.49 hectares, C of O, Price: 450million asking (baka)
. Idu industrial 1.22 hectares, C of O, Price: 120 million asking (Myr)

(G).HOTEL / HOTEL LANDS FOR SALE: (Serious Buyers only)
. Dutse Gudu, Hotel land 1.53 hectares, C of O, N600 million asking (Blessing)

(H).PLAZA FOR SALES (Serious Buyers only)
. ?

SCHOOL / SCHOOL LANDS FOR SALE (Serious Buyers only)
. Wumba, Public Institution (Secondary School), 5.91 hectares, C of O, Price: N600million (call B)

Contact: Engr Nwachukwu
Lead Guaranteed Results Ltd
DCL Properties Co. Ltd (Business Partner)
Address: Plot 1299, Fumilayo Ransome Kuti Road,
Area 3, Garki, Abuja-Nigeria
Tel: +2348054444462 or +2348055557545

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