Seasons Greetings Sir/Madam I would like to introduce our company to you:BLUE STAR GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS,the ICT arm of BLUE STAR GLOBAL ASSOCIATES.We are in the business of website development and management for schools, churches, corporate organizations, individuals; Systems (laptop/desktop) sales, supplies and repairs; Online payment solutions; Installation of Vehicle tracking devices, Advertising & Marketing online/offline(through provision of music whether DJ/Brass(Bridgade) band),sending customized Bulksms (short message service/Short code message set up) and lastly general printing ,etc. I want you or your organisation to also consider a wonderful option,(though not new) of reaching out to prospective clients/fans/business associates/public for any of your forthcoming event or marketing services via our BULKSMS SERVICE.It is the cheapest and most cost effective way of publicity with its wonderful special features as names personified,birthday scheduler,etc,freely loginto;

We are glad to inform you that we have a database of close to 80million GSM/CDMA numbers spread across all Local Government Areas in the federation including the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja).We likewise generate numbers depending on the age ,sex, locality, status ,etc. to suit your marketing strategies or advocacy campaign purposes at the cost N1.00/Number,likewise general printing services.A trial they say will always convince you.Hope hearing from you soonest. Thanks,God bless! Mike,08093458395,08038048605(Whatsapp),08124689408 NB: A copy of our sales letter/Proposal will be mailed to you upon request Thanks

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most people that invest in them lose their money