Referendum 2017

(Worcestershire UK)


I wish to inform you that the seven kingdoms of Igbo land will be holding a referendum to decide whether to remain in the union or not. It is our fundamental human rights. The union is due for review after 100 years and that 100 years is up. Igbo people do not want to continue to live in slavery. Nigerians refused to reform because they don't want to accommodate the Igbo people. Every economic policy made is geared towards the disadvantages of the Igbo people. Our sons and daughters have been sacked from the federal government. While Saltan of sokoto's Army are killing the Igbo people in the North Nigeria the Ooni of Ife's government in the Western Nigeria are busy deporting Igbo people from their land. Since the oil is the only thing uniting Nigeria together, the North will have 30 percent of the oil revenue while the Yoruba will have 25 percent in the event of a yes referendum under the supervision of the UN. This is a generous offer considering the fact that the Igbo people have not benefited from the union. Other parts are not making any contribution to the economy. Yet Igbo people are the least likely to gain employment compare to the rest of the country. Nigeria is willing to close down state and federal educational institutions in Eastern Nigeria than inefficient private institution own by a Yoruba person. We can no longer live as slaves in the Nigeria. The United Nation has agreed to our proposal because it is the best way to lift Africa out of poverty. We will like it if you would give this submission a due consideration.

Many thanks
International Human rights campaigner and the author of; The political constraints on Nigeria Economic Development

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