RegentPark Academy Abuja

by Hajiyah Fatimah

RegentPark Academy

RegentPark Academy

The childhood and early years of every individuals life plays a great role in determining the persons outcome in life as a well adjusted and valuable member of the society. It is during this period that children learn to distinguish good from bad, learn the art of focusing and also about hard work and it's outcome.

It is important to know that it takes a holistic approach to the training of a child to achieve this. Thus, at RPA, we believe that a school should provide children with the proper training to make them outstanding and have the confidence to face the challenges of life when they grow up.
They will in-turn be distinguished as leaders and indeed Regents. This we aim to achieve by grooming them in creative ways to help them discover their inherent talents.
At RPA, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that each student will be given the full attention required to properly groom them into royal and excellent leaders of tomorrow, whose personal attributes will clearly stand them out as excellently trained pupils.

At RPA, we help encourage and develop the creative skills of our children by giving them the freedom to express their thoughts,feelings,imaginations and emotions through writing.
Also they will be trained in ICT at an early age.

As an RPA Parent, we assure you that you can entrust the well being and safety of your children to us. We will do everything possible to ensure that all our pupils receive the quality education and training they deserve.
Best regards and do have a fruitful visit.

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