Solution to Unemployment Problem In Nigeria

by Egbo ikpechukwu

unemployment has been at the root of the many evils facing Nigeria today.yet many of our politicians are not doing anything to help the situation rather they have come out with the idea or notion that most Nigerian graduates are not employable.therefore instead of erecting industries where our youths would be gainfully employed, they use our tax payers money to enrich themselves and families and either build hotels or bring one poverty alleviation program-mes that do little or nothing to help millions of our youths roaming the streets everyday in search of non existent jobs.China as you well know is among the world leading economies of the world today because they have industrialized their nation.Nigeria could also borrow a leaf from them.

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Arise David.. NEW
by: Anonymous

May all the David of our time begin to arise now and take their place in the scheme of things in this country in Jesus Name amen.

NIGERIA still evolving NEW
by: Egbo Desmond

though it may seem there is no longer hope left,yes! it may seem we are immersed in an unending woes,yes our ideas and abilities may have failed us.0h!how my heart breeds for this great nation.oh! how i feel so humbled when i watch SHEKAU threatening and making caricature of our seeming weakness and helplessness like the Israelite of the old standing helplessly and hopelessly before that uncircumcised Philippian.who can ever imagined how traumatized and rejected they must have felt.but thank GOD because there would always be a DAVID,who not only deliver us from this nightmare but will utterly put an end to this evil.

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