Solving Nigeria Food Crisis

by David Salako
(Brooklyn, NY, USA)

I David Salako, a citizen of Nigeria make the following proposals to the General Assembly of Nigeria on the issue of food crisis in my dear country that: the country Nigeria should institute a law that enforces each State or Local Government as may be deemed fit in the country to engage in a large scale mechanize farming.

The benefits of this idea include but not limited to the following:

Nigerians at the grassroots will have access to more food, thereby reducing hunger and malnutrition of our citizens/residents

Crime rate will reduce. A hungry man is an angry man. Man is naturally made to defend to live by all means, sometimes to steal in order to feed and live. I live in the States and I see how US ensures food is more than enough for its residents.

This approach to solving food crisis would also create job opportunities for the youths who without jobs would engage in activities that undermine their futures and our peaceful coexistence.

I am almost certain that this kind of suggestion would have been made in the house. If so, let this be a reminder that providing a sustainable resolution to the issue of food crisis in Nigeria by enforcing food production as state or local government level is of immense importance in combating other problems facing our country.

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