( 2nd November, 2018)

Dr. Mrs. Okey. Ogueji
I appreciate the management for their resilience and constant innovative ideas that have made learning fun for my child. Also the teachers are highly commended.
I really like the cursive writing idea. Bravo and keep the good work going.

Mrs. Udeme Walter
My Child has really improved.
I want to appreciate the teachers of KCUS. You guys are doing very well because I see Andy improving educationally all the time. Once again, Thank you.

Mrs. Anthony Ikwuka
His teacher is doing a good job not only in his academics but socially and morally.
Keep up the good job.

Mrs. Bridel Toko
I am so happy for his teachers. For they have help my son Mike to improve in his school’s work
My family and I will always be here for the school and help our son to know more. We are grateful for everything we have seen in our son. Thanks and God bless you all

Mrs. Enyi Chinyere
Chinenye’s improvement is amazing especially her hand writing. Do more my baby and the strength of god will always be with you.
My girl’s improvement is as a result of being in the right school and with the right teachers (Educators). I am really grateful as a mother to have a good assistance like Educator Eze. Thank you educator Eze.

Okesola demola
Very happy he has integrated well to the new school. Transition was seamless
Great wok by the teacher “educator Racheal”. He won’t stop talking about her.

Adebamiro Owolabi Edward
I am very impressed with my child’s performance especially in Mathematics and handwriting.
I want to commend the Class teachers for working on the academics and the school authority for improving the security infrastructure in the school premises.

Oyedokun Adewale
The teachers are doing great hob and there is always room for improvement.
The school environment is neat. The management is awesome. Keep it up.

Mrs. Asogwa Loveth
The class Teacher is very good. I am impressed on the good job she is doing.
Our King’s Care Universal School is still the best and would remain the best even in years to come. God bless the school director and the amazing Proprietress.

Mrs. Victoria Olusoji
The classes are well organized; the teachers were very welcoming and attend to the children.
It was a great experience being in the class to see first-hand the kind of great learning environment the children have

Ojuolape Micheal
The teachers (Educator) have impact a lot. In the area of spoken English and pronunciation.
The Educators are vast in every aspect i.e. both social and Academic, this is highly commendable. They also take precious as their own child. Kudos.

Mrs. Vicilbel
Peal is a jewel and I am proud she is a star in King’s Care Universal School.
I appreciate the efforts of her class teacher and her assistant, they are vessels. I mean good vessels that are always ready to listen and assist kids to be the best

Mrs. Empress
It’s been a great time in this school. Initially, I has doubts when I was bringing my kids to the school but after 2 weeks of resumption, my doubts were wrong
Good school, great teachers. I am so impress. Couldn’t have been better. Keep up the good work.

Mrs. Adekanye
I appreciate Mrs. Patrick and miss Joy for their effort in raising our kids.
Thank you KCUS for employing capable hands in training our future leaders.

Raoheal P. Udoh
A lot of growth is experienced on her capabilities.
Guinevere is really taken care of here in school and we appreciate every effort made to create a better pupil in her.

Bolaji Sekinah
Doing a great job!
Well conducive environment and learning and teaching skills is standard.

Mrs. T. Abolade
Great learning environment and teaching.
School is doing great and the teachers are dedicated and committed to helping the children learn. Please keep up the good work!

Mrs. Aliyu Khadiya
All praises to Almighty God. He who made it possible for us.
Wonderful teachers well trained teachers and good management. We appreciate you all for the good work. Keep it up.

Muazu Abubakar
A job well-done to the teachers
KCUS is an exceptional school.

Ozomah Kingsley
For the little time King David have been around KCUS, his relationship with his teachers and that of classmates have been cordial and I’m happy with that.
So far, so good, I am happy with my child’s stay here in KCUS. His teachers are excellent people and that gives me confidence with the school. Thank you Sir/Ma.

Mrs. Amaka Oguh
Melvin is such a kind and loving child. He always wants attention to put him through when needed.
I commend the efforts of the school management for other extra-curricular activities, apart from class work. He can swim at least to add to academics.

Bassey B.E
Always interested in knowing new things.
From her performance, the teachers are up to the task of molding the pupils and needs to be recommended.

Mrs. Owolabi Temitope
Thank you so much our teachers. We really appreciate your great job on our daughter Kunmi. We wish you all the best in life as you continue to mould the lives of our wards.

Ofunne Omoola
Bryan has really improved in his handwriting and some other subjects.
KCUS has really changed my ideal about so many things by making children very confidence in themselves and teaching them the right values.

Makanjuola Oluwaseun
Well, I initially had issues with the cursive writing better with the improvement in writing skills. It wasn’t so bad after all.
KCUS as a set standard for Nursery and Primary education as far as I am concerned. I am very impressed with the teaching skills.

Mrs. Olufemi Baba
I am rest assured that given the quantity of commitment and love that the educator possesses, my son is in safe hands.
Thank you for working with us to ensure that Nosa has a wonderful future.

Mrs. Ononye
The teachers are doing good job. I am really happy about that and comfortable about it. The school should keep it up.

Mr. & Mrs. Fayemi
The teacher has helped him improve his handwriting and their relationship seems to be more mutual.
The school and classrooms ambience is very comfortable. Please keep it up.

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