Some good tips before buying HR software

by Endeavour Africa, Nairobi, Kenya

HR Management Software

HR Management Software

Tips before buying your 1st HR Software

Here are few tips to help you cut through the crap when looking for a robust and dependable HR software. The most important question to ask yourself when looking for an HR software is what are your hiring and recruiting goals and challenges.

Create a requirements list.

You won't know what you're searching for if you know what you need, right? So make a list of your specific requirements that will improve your human resource management process. You can divide it into two parts, General requirements and Specific requirements. General Requirements are mainly like the ability to compute salary, contribution loans, employee management, create user roles and grants rights to the user etc. Specific requirements may include compatibility with biometric devices (biometric attendance system), and integrate with Payroll Management System. This makes things easier for your HR people as it makes operations seamless and less time-consuming.

Research, and do more research.

After you found what functionality will help your company to do better, The next important step for you is research. You need to do Smart research for the HR Management Software with the help of any search engine. if you are in Keyna, and searching for hr software, you will probably type HR software Kenya or Hr Software Solution in Kenya on the search bar on your browser. Make your search as comprehensive as you can by going the company’s website, and by going through as much information as you can gather. same you can search if you are from another country like hr software in Uganda, hr software in Nigeria, hr software in Tanzania.  Check and compare the price and features of the software.

Do free trials or

Demo and attend workshops.
Take advantage of Demo. By experiencing how to use and navigate the software yourself, you not only get a feel of what it’s like to use it, but you also get a grasp of what it can ‘really’ offer.Is it as good as advertised? Did it go beyond your expectations? Or were you more impressed by their marketing team? It doesn’t matter if you see it whichever page you visit because of excessive online advertising. If it doesn’t deliver what it promises, you’ll only be putting your money to waste.

 Budget check
if you have money to spend, then obviously you could go for more feature-packed software with other helpful aspects that you can enjoy. But if your budget if sort or limited, in the case of small business you need to consider thinking before investing.
 Consider post-sales support
you won’t become an expert after attending a workshop or after you’ve gone through free trials or training. It’s highly probable that you will need technical support at one point, so get the software from a company that takes care of their customers even after the sale. Make it a point to know if the company where you’re buying your software from has competent technical support representatives who can help you when the need arises. Take advantage of what is in your contract so you can maximize the benefits of your purchase. Check your package freebies or inclusions and be mindful of your rights as a buyer.

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most people that invest in them lose their money