SoZo Global Nigeria

by Akin Akinleye

SoZo Global is a network Marketing Company founded by Mark Adams in the United States of America, we produces Coffeeberry and Gel.

SoZo was gotten from a Greek word, and it's meaning is Health, rejuvenate.

Our coffees helps to rejuvenate the mind and relaxes the body, it is medically graded by the NAFDAC and approved in Nigeria,

Now we are looking for individuals that can join our company by becoming our distributor/representative in sharing the opportunity to others and be paid.

We have many incentives to offer to such individual's.

Come and be financially free while drinking coffee and sharing it #Sozolife #Coffeeberry #Sozoglobal

Tel: +2348068846335, +2349052441152, +2348172599444

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most people that invest in them lose their money