State Of The Nation; The Solution To Insurgency Without Spending


To Reiterate the Headline; State Of The Nation; The Solution To Insurgency Without Spending A Million and Outright Freedom To Other Problems In Nigeria.

"The True Love For Our NATION Is; Think What We Should Do For Our Country And Not What Our Country Should Do For Us".

My Divine Name is Potentate Odefeya D' Great. My natural or biological name is Great Efe Odumenya. I am the Divine Replica of the Supreme Majesty in The Dominant City of Divine Kingdom of Lights, Lagos.

Please whatsoever I am going to say here Now is NOT a religion. Its an issue that has to do with my Divine Calling to this Nation and indeed the whole world and the worlds, as my God Divine Purpose on earth. What you see happening in our country today is virtually happening all over the world; namely corruption; violence; insecurity; economic slavery (currency devaluation and others); foreign debt; stagnanimity in government, demonic or diabolical manipulation and many more. Now in the lieu of these trouble there is an authentic divine SOLUTION to the seen and unseen problems all over the world beginning with our Nation.

If we refuse to doubt or argue this divine source of solution we shall all smile at last as we shall definitely live above every other nations on earth because this Divine Change will energize Mr President to achieve his flagged up campaign for change in this country. The beauty of It all is that it will cost little or nothing.

The Supremacy of All things over All things anointed me and said unto me; "this nation MUST look unto YOU for SOLUTION; for SURVIVAL; for LEADERSHIP; and for DIRECTION" and these are the KEY problems that this nation and indeed the whole world are experiencing today.
The following is how the problems shall be completely dissolved;

First I have discovered the Problems and Now Provide Divine SOLUTION that will bring Survival; Leadership and Direction to our Nation Nigeria as follow:

1) I have Divine Ability to Revamp Nigeria Economy Into 100%. No Other SOURCE on this earth is able

2) Put an END to Boko Haram in Shortest Time and put a stop to other looming internal insurgents and evil crises springing out from different part of the country.

3) Unite National House of Assembly and The Presidency. There are grunting disagreement and hatred among member that is tougher than the past regime.

4) Put an end to corruption using incorruptable ability. This is a mystery. Nobody can fight corruption. If you know the spiritual foundation
then you can also deal with it. Like Boko Haram issue many top leader or figures in our society bent on these evil for self aggrandizement. They shall all perish when the Divine War begins if any fail to confess openly and let the law take its effect.

5) End Poverty in Nigeria.
Using divine principle that Create Permanent Source to Minimum of 1.5 BILLION Naira Weekly in Nigeria and indeed the whole World to wipe out poverty from the globe.
And if Mr President will Sponsor this divine principle to full actualization it shall provide minimum of 50 Million legible voters round the country for his benefit in the next Presidential Election come 2019.

The above soluble could be a child play to a layman and as a result indeed to the intelligentsia of book knowledge of so called experts or professors could have these disregarded. Hmm! This is DIVINE and there is no other method that could bring the Nigeria factor§ to an end. Truth is difficult to believe. The right thing a good thinker should do now is suggest boldly for delegate to see ME the Divine Replica of Divinity and conclude the way forward that won't cost us our heaven. The 8 BILLION Naira needed by our force team to fight Boko Haram which WON'T yield any result could be useful to develop the dwindling economy if the Federal Government will listen. I said emphatically that I have the DIVINE KEY for Solution to Nigeria problems! Anyone who challenge this Divine Truth is the demon destroying this Nation. And I tell you boldly such demon shall destroy itself now. If you are still doubting then go to your diviner, star gazers and other source of mystery mirrors to find out who is behind this DIVINITY.
Well, forward this to Mr President and the National House of Assembly for urgent follow up and execution. I see nothing wrong if somebody volunteer to provide solution to our problems that has been destroying life and properties, and wasted trillions of naira.

Contact me with my phone number 07034803261 now and let the Supreme Power and Authority of Divine Supremacy take over. Anyone who believe that this source could be a lasting option to the turbulence in our country should please text me the direct email address or contact to reach Mr President and National House of Assembly. And if nothing is done within my expected moment I shall forward this information for publication.

A Million and Outright Freedom To Other Problems In Nigeria.

Sign up by PGEO today 26th November, 2015 my email:

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