Tasly drugs (disease cures) nationwide 09039385840 -

by Aaron

Tasly drugs (disease cures) nationwide

By Aaron

09039385840 or +2349039385840

Order Tasly drugs online to cure different kind of diseases.

Our Tasly products include;
1- Tasly cordyceps capsule- Improves physiological functions of the kidney and improve immunity.
2- Tasly Ginseng Rh2 capsule- It decreases tumor growth.
3- Tasly A1 capsule- Helps to prevent and relieve complications of AIDS.
4- Tasly Cen Forte tablet- Regulate metabolism and enhance immunity.
5- Tasly Cranberry Powder- Prevent urinary infections and prevent oxidation.
6- Tasly red yeast tablet- Prevent atherosclerosis.
7- Tasly seal oil capsule- Reduce triglyceride and cholesterol.
8- Tasly bitter melon capsule- Relieve insulin resistance and also relive metabolic syndrome.
9- Tasly Rhytosoy tablet- Increase bone density to prevent osteoporosis.
10- Tasly milk calcium- Help to reduce bone diseases caused by loss of calcium.
11- Tasly king`s capsule- Improve stamina, relieve fatigue and promote reproductive functions.
12- Tasly I-cleaning capsule- Improve intestinal micro circulation.
13- Tasly Aloe- Lose weight and detoxification.
14- Tasly probiotics powder- Improve constipation, alleviate the diarrhea and improve immunity.
15- Tasly citrus sour tablet- Cure damaged hepatic cell, relieve forms of cirrhosis, hepatitis and liver damages due to food poisoning.
16- Tasly

danshen tea- Improve cardiac cardiovascular micro circulation and reduce risk of cardiac- cardiovascular diseases.
17- Tasly polen tea- Regulate endocrine secretion, keep body slender if use for a long time and maintain skin beauty.
18- Tasly propolis syrup- Cure skin injury, ulcer, angular stomatitis, parodontopathy, quick healing of wounds,improve cough, bronchitis, headache, fever and inflammation of the tonsils and throat.
19- Tasly propolis and water lily pollen- Regulate endocrine secretion and always keep the you slim.
20- Tasly Propolis softgel capsule- Inhibit the growth of viruses, bacteria, fungi and enhance immunity.
21- Tasly Propolis and Glossy ganoderma- Help prevent tumors and delay aging.
22- Tasly Royal jelly softgel capsule- Strengthen brain power and improve sleep quality.
23- Tasly Black traditional
24- Tasly camomile
25- Tasly oriental original
26- Tasly classic original
27- Tasly de pure tea
28- Tasly bee pollen soap- Smooth the skin, removes brown spot and reduce wrinkles.
29- Tasly honey propolis soap- Protect skin from bacteria invasion and relieve itching and inflammation.
30- Tasly carefree pad- Super protection against bacteria invasion.
31- Tasly carefree pad (day)- Super protection against bacterial infection.
32- Tasly carefree pad (night)- Super protection against bacterial infection.
33- Tasly ICP- Reduce blood viscosity and improves micro circulation.
34- Tasly cerebral care- Prevent cerebrovascular diseases and recovery from strokes.

Tasly drugs to cure different diseases.

CALL 09039385840 or +2349039385840

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