The AWEsome Workshop for Upwardly Mobile Professionals15th Dec 2012

by LifeWorks
(Abuja, Nigeria)

Transform your PRODUCTIVITY and Totally UPGRADE your PERFORMANCE in 2013! Attend The AWEsome Workshop Live on the 15th of Dec 2012 in Abuja.

Before the end of this year, you NEED to:

* Know the one thing which unresolved will literally guarantee an unfulfilled life.
* See with clarity why life can be a struggle and make a simple shift that guarantees success.
* Understand how you have constantly stood in your own way and master a simple strategy to get on the freeway to success.
* Learn how to make great opportunities and circumstances come at you from every direction as if by magic...and smile when people call you lucky.
* Watch as a phobia that has held you back for so many years simply float away.
* Experience that peace and ease you always knew was your birthright, and know how to make it last forever.

This Workshop will completely Transform how you WORK, LIVE, LEARN and PLAY!

Success isn't complex or complicated, you only need to Know WHICH buttons to push and WHEN to push them for you to get OUTstanding results.

High Achiever's are TRAINING when others are CELEBRATING! That's EXACTLY what you need to be doing this December - TURBO-CHARGING for the new year! Don't Miss this High Impact Productivity Training for ANYTHING.

Tickets: N10,000 per participant.

Book Your Seats NOW before the Training is Sold Out.

Contact Busayo 0n 08050884216 for more details. or


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