The Budding Entrepreneurs(TBE) 2016

The Budding Entrepreneurs (TBE), an innovative idea of Joint Initiative for Development in partnership with Heinrich Böll Foundation, in line with our mandate to empower young Nigerians, is a project designed to promote young Nigerian entrepreneurs and innovators by connecting them with prospective mentors, investors and clients.

TBE will serve as a platform through which young entrepreneurs from diverse industries can cross-pollinate ideas with peers, be connected to mentors and useful feedback can be provided to prospective entrepreneurs all aimed at fostering expansion, job creation and poverty alleviation.
The program will also be an avenue for quality networking, as we will have in attendance a broad spectrum of stakeholders including key personnel from the diplomatic circle, private sector, civil society and government entities.
This audience will be easily accessible for direct and immediate contact. It is our expectation that these key stakeholders will play the role of mentors, investors and clients of participating Exhibitors.

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