When someone in the car ahead of you throws wastes on the road, drive next to him, roll down your window & shout, "change!" #ChangeNigeria

When you are on a queue and someone tries to force his way in front, scream "change!!". #ChangeNigeria.

At the point of entry at either the air or sea port, if a Custom or Immigration official is trying to collect bribe. Shout "Change". # Change Nigeria

A landlord that 'habitually' increases house rent. Shout to him "Change". # Change Nigeria

Any irregularity in the measurement of food items in the market or the display of fake products in a supermarket or drug store. Shout "Change". #Change Nigeria

Any lecturer that wants to collect bribe either in cash or in kind. Shout to him "Change". # Change Nigeria

Any public or private servant that is stealing our national heritage. Shout "Change".# Change Nigeria#.
When a police officer stops your car and says "Oga, anything for the boys?", tell him, "change!". #ChangeNigeria

When you walk past any Nigerian who throws paper or banana peel on the floor, please stop him and tell him, "change!". #ChangeNigeria.

If the church near your house is using a loud speaker to disturb the neighbourhood, visit the Pastor and say, "Change!" #ChangeNigeria

If the mosque near your house is using a loud speaker to disturb the neighbourhood, visit the Imam and say, "Change" #ChangeNigeria

If you are in a vehicle and the driver is driving like someone possessed, shout "Change!" #ChangeNigeria.

When somebody is trying to jump a queue at either the bank or the fuel station or the ATM stand shout "Change". #change Nigeria#

When an Electricity official cuts your light unjustly shout "Change". # Change Nigeria#

If someone is answering a phone and lies about his/her location, shout "Change"#

If you are a friend to a man/woman who goes to meet another woman/man and deceives his/her wife/husband that he/she is traveling on an official duty, whisper "CHANGE!"

When a fuel attendant tries to short-dispense fuel into your car remind him about "Change " #Change Nigeria#

Change starts when you

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