The change we want

The biggest fraud in this country has been electoral/political fraud; where our right to choose our leaders have been robbed us for long.

GEJ has restored this as we can see in this election. He has given us fresh air as he promised. We trust he can bring similar reforms in power, education, and other aspects of our life.


From: Jonathan I Ukpai
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2011 13:45:10 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Re: FUTO Alumni Will you vote GEJ?

Hey Guys!!!

Lets stop fighting ourselves. Can't we be united for once?

Pls I need more results to be able to predict if my man (GEJ) will win.

More result updates pls, especially the type Eloka sent in with details of source of the results.

We don't want prejudiced and fake results ooo!!!!

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Feb 28, 2014
The change we want NEW
by: Doc, Love

My brother i go use our own english wey be, BROKEN english, u started good topic and end It like a woman by trying to surport your guy[GEJ],so u wan tell me now sey dey giv u kash 4 hand, work wey u go dey work, u no kill somebody 4 de peson?, My guy mek u no veks oo, my own idia be sey, b4 we vot Presdo inn 4 Aso stone, We go tell am sey if hin bigin to tek us do YE-YE all Nigeria people go use one voice to tell am sey mek hin wey be Presdo step aside, like 4 UKREIN, OUR soja dem, Our Police dem, Our Nevy dem, Our Air force dem, go surport us, Market people, Church people, Students, Traditional Rulers,Nigerians wey dey outside, go join us, No IM, No wuru-wuru, No tribalism, so that we go see better in future, I don finish

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