The cry of the widows and fatherless children

by Lucky
(Mopol barrack Dei-dei,bwari area council,Fct Abuja Nigeria )

It becomes a sad story wereby a citizen of this nation will serve the government as a public servant risking his life for the safety of the nation and when he died in the service,the government will abandon the family,and even for the government to pay the death benefit,it becomes a problem.for three years now,a woman has been struggling for her husbands death benefit ,yet all her effort is in the children has then drop out of school and some of their school mate are in two hundred level in feed becomes defficult,to pay house rent becomes a problem with eight children in a single room.if something is not done concerning this issue,the family's target to their destination might be tarminated. the widows are crying in pains,the fatherless are helpless concerning their father's death benefit.Education is the basic rock of life and the children don't go to school.what will they become in future? Please,something has to be done for the family,because there is no food at home for them to eat

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