The Educational Resource Agency

by The Educational Resource Agency

The Educational Resource Agency (TERA) is a franchise establishment founded in the United Kingdom, run in over 25 countries and recently introduced by Zeta Brent Nigeria Limited to Nigeria. TERA is an organization which specializes in the preparation, evaluation and consideration for students seeking recruitment into reputable foreign institutions. Currently we have partner overseas universities which help to develop and assist students seeking international education to achieve their goals and aspirations, we help them turn these dreams into reality by providing them with counselling and profiling in order to assist their choices considering the school and choice of course. We are proficient in the process of assisting students as we make the cumbersome process of examinations, admission processing, visa processing and eventually settling down in the university easy, fast and convenient. Administrators at the educational resource agency (TERA), are world class educational counsellors and Consultants making it your best choice for the best in international education and opening you up to a wide range of educational opportunities. The educational resource agency (TERA) has broad expertise and unarguably vast experience in international education, which makes it easy for us to make your dream a reality.

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