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by Henrietta

Vehicle insecurity and more importantly efficient fleet management and control have always been challenging not only in Nigeria and other developing countries, but also globally. In response to the compelling we need to give vehicle owners/families/fleet managers absolute peace of mind, Infineon Nig Limited - a Mobile Value Added Service Provider (VASP) is please to offer your organization –

GPS Asst Tracking/Fleet Management using Smart Mobile Phones
The Infineon Interactive tracking solution (popular in over 200 countries) is reputed as the first true standalone tracking device suitable for personal asset tracking and simple fleet management using smart phones and special user-friendly software.
Real-Time interactive Tracking via SMS
Very Affordable
No Contracts
No monthly Fees
No internet Required
No Computers
Independent of Third Party servers
Works with any mobile phone
You only pay for the SMS’s used
Very easy to use /operate

How it works
Once the Tracking device is placed in a vehicle or other static or moveable asset, the user only needs a mobile phone to check its location. The tracker regularly updates its position from the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite navigation system. Inside the tracker is a GSM modem/phone and a SIM card, so all you need to do is send a text message (SMS) to use the system. NO third party servers are required with the Tracker, so your locations are always secure.
For example, a text message containing the word “find” is sent to the vehicle’s Tracker mobile number. The device sends a message back to the owner showing the current status/location of the vehicle as follows: ‘pool Car ES 754 KJA, moving East of Sheraton Hotel Ikeja NG with speed 25km/h 6.29’41”N00 08’41”W -14:03 Mar 23”

Contact: or call: 08027574589, 08094003908.

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most people that invest in them lose their money