US Commander, General Rodriguez In Abuja

by ThisDay Live

In furtherance of the rescue bid, the Commander of US-AFRICOM held a meeting yesterday with the CDS and other military top brass to discuss wide-ranging security issues, with particular reference to the abducted girls.

While briefing the press, Rodriguez stated that he was at the Defence Headquarters (DHQ), Abuja, to discuss modalities on the US’ assistance to the Nigerian military aimed at ending the insurgency.

In his remarks, Badeh described the relationship between Nigeria and the US as mutual and strategic in the counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism efforts.

According to the CDS, “The Nigerian military has over time benefitted immensely from the bilateral relationship between the two countries, particularly in the area of training, military hardware and recently surveillance.”

On the activities of terrorists in Nigeria, Badeh welcomed the international support for the counter insurgency operation, stressing that it would complement ongoing efforts by the Nigerian military to find and rescue the missing Chibok girls.

He revealed that the “Nigerian military is already re-strategising its operational doctrines to match the emerging trends of asymmetrical warfare currently confronting the nation”.

The defence chief also thanked the US on behalf of the federal government for responding positively to the calls for assistance in the search and rescue of the girls.

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