Veritas University Abuja 

Veritas University Abuja is a privately-owned university in Abuja. It is owned by the Catholic church of Nigeria and is located at Bwari area council, FCT Abuja.

It was founded by the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria through a resolution given at its March 2002 meeting in Abuja.

The initiative came from the Bishops’ quest for a University that would provide high quality tertiary education in line with the noble tradition of the Catholic Church.

Even though the school got its license to operate in May 2007, it did not commence admission of students till October 2008 at its take-off campus in Obehie Town, Abia state, Nigeria.

Veritas has 5 undergraduate colleges namely, College of Natural and Applied sciences, College of Humanities, College of Management sciences, College of Social sciences, College of Education and the College of Postgraduate Studies which would cover Postgraduate Diploma, Master of Arts and Master of Science degree programs for now.

The school fees ranges from 430,000 Naira to 490,000 Naira for both new students and returning students depending on the course of study plus an extra 15,000 Naira for a compulsory certification course.

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Veritas University seeks to be a dynamic community of staff and students with Christian orientation and inspiration who, motivated by the ideals of hard work, integrity, dicipline and creativeness, and dedicated to Catholic principles and attitudes, work together to create knowledge for the advancement of the Nigerian society, and to evolve an academic culture of excellence that will make the University rank among the best in the world.

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