We take the stress off you - Online Bulk SMS

by Zico Communications Ent.

We take the stress off you - Online Bulk SMS

Contact: Tel:07042298574, 08032715587

We are very delighted and have the pleasure to introduce our enterprise to your establishment. Zico Communications Enterprise is into diverse areas of communications and is capable to promptly handle and render services to you efficiently and effectively as regards the following: -
· Online Bulk SMS and Website Design
· E-marketing (Using most visited Nigerian advertising sites and facebook)
· Computer & Laptop Installation/Configuration and Networking
· Installation of Internet using modem or wireless ISP connection
· Supply of all types of stationeries/accessories

As a vibrant and fast growing establishment, your firm can take advantage of our (Enterprise Notification Solution – ENS) to send premium alert and other forms of notifications through our bulk SMS to all your customers/clients. We take the stress off you by helping you sending out online Bulk SMS to all your existing customers/clients and even bringing more customers/client's to you at a cheaper cost you can afford. We help you advertise/promote your products/services to thousands and millions of Nigerians within your locality or across the nation through.

Advantages of the Bulk SMS
· It boosts the goodwill of your firm and your customers/clients will be well informed of your services
· It increases your customers satisfaction index and loyalty
· It also helps to increase your customers/clients database

We can also design a business website for you that allow prospective customers find your company on the internet even if you don’t promote your business online – website that allow people to buy from you through the internet and we can get over millions of Nigerians to view your website using facebook page, all at a cheap rate.

Activity Deliverables Amount
SMS Unit Cost for 10,000 SMS Units @ =N=4.00 per SMS
We offer lower rates for higher volumes from 50,000 – 100,000 =N=40,000.00

We assure you of our competence to always convene your needs in the above mentioned and hereby state our enthusiasm to be related with your establishment.

Finally we express thanks earnestly in anticipation and assure you the best of our attention in terms of quality.
Awaiting your valued patronage.

Sincere yours
For: Zico Communications Ent.

Udoh Isaiah Akpan

9% of Nigerians watch TV daily
19% of Nigerians listen to radio daily
4% of Nigerians read newspapers daily
Less than 2% of Nigerians use the internet daily
50% of Nigerians use GSM phone daily

Why use
Why not use radio, TV or newspaper for my advertisement?.

When you advertise by radio, TV, newspapers only a small fraction of Nigerians will hear or see your advertisement because very few people listen to radio,TV or read newspapers. Moreover the inadequacy of electricity in the country to power our radios and TVs means adverts placed through these medium are being seen or heard by very few people who are lucky to have light, whereas when you advertise by SMS almost everybody will receive your message no matter his or her location in Nigeria. Recent statistics by the Nigeria communications commission is there are over 70 million GSM phone subscribers in Nigeria today!.So it makes big sense to advertise by SMS.SMS advertisement is the future of advertisement in Nigeria. With you can reach 50% of the Nigerian population at once!.

People you now have access to over 60 million GSM numbers of Nigerians from different states all over the country.

What Do You Need the GSM Numbers for You might be Wondering? You need GSM NUMBERS for GSM SHORT CODE(32132) Business, Quiz competition, Text and Win Competition etc.

Political parties need GSM NUMBERS to reach millions of Nigerians THROUGH SMS for their party events, activities, publicity, campaigns and meetings. Companies and Businesses needs GSM NUMBERS to advertise their products or services to millions of Nigerians, new product launch, feedback from customers and consumers etc THROUGH SMS. Government, Ministries, Departments and Agencies needs GSM NUMBERS to pass important message to Nigerians en-mass on policy change, Tax awareness etc. THROUGH SMS.

Organizations and Associations need GSM NUMBERS to announce meetings, seminars and events. THROUGH SMS. Churches and Mosques needs GSM NUMBERS to reach their members.

Schools also need GSM NUMBERS to reach their existing students, prospective students, staff and parents. THROUGH SMS.

We will supply you the GSM phone numbers for any part of the country from our database for you to pass your message across to Nigerians. There are a lot of things you could do with SMS in addition to the few listed above. Every institution in Nigeria needs to get involved in the ongoing GSM phone revolution in the country in order to get across to the larger percentage of the Nigerian population. Over 70million Nigerians now have access to telephone thanks to GSM, so you can imagine how far you could go with your advertisement THROUGH SMS. You can reach people much more through SMS than on TV, RADIO, NEWSPAPER and INTERNET.

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most people that invest in them lose their money