Wedding planning


Proposal Coordination:
The art of the proposal is a tradition with hundreds of years of history and evolution. The importance of this crucial first step in your wedding experience can’t be overemphasized. Haute Weddings will help you design an unforgettable proposal that establishes the groundwork for an unforgettable wedding.

Wedding Planning:
When working with you to plan your wedding, Haute Weddings keeps it simple: give you what you want and make sure it’s all perfect. We plan with you, and coordinate everything for the big day, from the guest list to the decor, from the cuisine to the cake. We make sure that your wedding day yields not just lasting memories, but flawless lasting memories.

Wedding Day Coordination:
Haute Weddings will be like family to you when the wedding day comes: we know perfection is the only option, we know that it can be overwhelming being a bride or a groom, and we know that even in the best-laid plans there can be snags. You will be able to depend on us to ensure that those things that are going perfectly remain that way and that those things that hit snags get clear of them as quickly and seamlessly as possible. The best wedding coordinators solve problems before the bride or groom even know there is one. That is the service we pride ourselves on, and it’s a service that is invaluable to every successful wedding.

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