What Abuja Residents Think About Lagos

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Abuja is one of the fastest growing cities in Nigeria and this is partly due to the fact that it is the capital of Nigeria.

Abuja is a planned city and unlike Lagos that grew and expanded with the development in in the city, Abuja was already set before the influx of people into it.

People who reside in Abuja sometimes have funny and different perception about the former capital. Some of these assumptions are either based on wrong perception or what is reported in the media.

Here are five things Abuja residents think about Lagos

The Zuma rock, a major landmark and tourism attraction is synonymous with Abuja

Lagos Has Lost Its Vibe

Lagos has always been known as the place where everything happens. People who reside in Abuja however feel that Lagos has been dethroned as the capital of entertainment and fun. Lagos has however maintained its stance as the foremost city when it comes to vibe. The development of Abuja has not affected Lagos in its social engagement.

Lagos Is Rough

The perception that Abuja residents have about Lagos is that it is very rough and almost bereft of sanity. The perception is that Oshodi in Lagos epitomizes the rough life Lagosians live and that it takes a man with the nerve of steel to live there. While Oshodi has undergone changes, Lagos is not as bad as it seems.

The Capital Of Lagos Should Have Been Lagos Island

Abuja residents are of the belief the Lagos Island and Lagos Mainland represent heaven and hell respectively. They think the Island should be the better place as the
capital of the state and not Ikeja which is on the mainland. The idea is that the mainland is for people who belong to the lower rung of the society. The mainland especially Ikeja represents the business district of the state.

You Can Be Stuck In Traffic All Day

Foto druk verkeer in Lagos, Nigeria. Also voorbeeld; graag keuzebeelden Traffic jams form along Nnamdi Azikiwe street in Lagos January 22, 2003. Drivers in Lagos are stopping to gape at UFOs - unidentified flashing objects - that have been mysteriosly appearing at busy intersections around the city of Lagos, the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria.
There is traffic in Lagos all doubt but the gravity has been grossly exaggerated that Abuja residents think Lagosians eat and take their bath in traffic. Some do not even know there is a BRT transport system or that some Lagosians now use the water ways to commute. There are places in Lagos that record a high movement of people from one place to another at the same time which brings about traffic but it is not an occurrence that happens in all parts of the city.

Agberos Rule

The perception that Abuja residents have about Lagos is that thugs or gangs that operate in motor parks dictate the way things go in the state. Some even think they are next in command to the political structure in the state. They consider every suspicious looking Lagosian an agbero and that the lawlessness in the state is so high that nothing can be done to stop them. One needs to be in Lagos to know how things actually operate.

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