What are these nonsense Can someone tell me

by Paris

Side Attractions?

We Owe Nobody Apology In The Fight Against Corruption By Buhari’s Administration ~ Odigie Oyegun
MUST READ: Ex-president Obasanjo Blasts Corrupt National Assembly, Reveals How To End B’Haram
#WhoStoleOur2016Budget: Nigerians React To Missing Documents
NASS Insists 2016 Budget Is Not Missing, But What Happened To It?
Did Ex-EFCC Boss, Ribadu Also Get Out Of #DasukiGate? Read What He Said

Please tell the president Buhari to get read of all these nonsense above and get to work, everyday counts and it led to the end of your tenor, from May 2015 to January 2016 is a lot already, for him to make a good leader.
For there are some wisdom outside, let him know that action speaks louder than voice and that is an empty vessel that makes the loudest noise.

Mr President with due respect stop but publication and go into ACTION and do not forget to watch your back against the bit of the white dogs for they are watching you.

Tell Mr President get Tablet so he can read these and reply.

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