A Land under Government acquisition is a land acquired by the Government for its own specific use and there are plans for these lands in the nearest future depending on what the Government intends to do with the land. These lands have been acquired for years by the government and its at the Government’s discretion to release those lands to people or not depending on if they need to use the lands for a specific purpose or not and if the release of those acquired lands to the people will not disrupt any regional or urban planning regulation and the Government can cover eye to that Land.
Meanwhile a Committed Land is a land the Government already has Plans for and nothing in this life will make the Government alter its mind to give up that land. Such lands include lands earmarked for Government estates, Roads, Government Schemes etc. In fact if you buy a land in a committed Area, You’re on your own because they will never approve the papers and if you build a property there, it will most certainly be demolished
So because of these problems land owners who bought lands illegally from The Dreaded Omoniles under Government Acquisition, the Abuja, Lagos /Ogun state Government etc, decided to take an Inventory of all unlawful structures erected in areas under Government acquisition and endorsed a decision that all prohibited structures erected on Land under Government acquisition which were not blocking roads, drainage and not located in Committed Areas should have the opportunity to process their papers and be granted building plan approvals and also assist the Government to provide for more housing developments for low income earners. This decision of approving the processing of getting their papers in Lands under Government acquisition gave birth to the process of Ratification and Regularization of owning lands within none committed Government Acquisition.
Today it is now known as Ratification in Abuja and other city State and Regularization officially at Alausa instead of Ratification and Regularization is a process whereby illegal owners of lands in places Under Government acquisition that are not committed lands are given the opportunity to obtain a legal title to the land encroached or trespassed upon from the State Government.
To simplify it, it means the process of allocating Government Land to someone who had previously occupied landed property without lawful authority from the State Government but it is subject to 7 Conditions:
1. That the property must not be situated in a Government Scheme, Estate or Committed area
2. The Property must be situated within an Area that conforms to Urban and Regional Planning Regulations and Standard of the State.
3. The Appropriate Set back of the Land must be observed.
4. The Appropriate distances from drainages, Canals, NNPC pipelines, Gas Pipelines, NEPA transformers, High Tension Wires, Water Pipelines and other restrictions lay down by the Physical Planning and Town Planning.
5. The land must not fall on road Alignment
6. The land must not fall within a Committed Government Area
7. The Land must fall within the Permitted Ratification/Regularization Areas
days it has been extended to areas without development schemes/layout plans and areas without Unplanned Developments. Example of such areas include: Okota, Ketu, Ikorodu, Badagry etc. in Lagos suburbs area in ogun state such area like Mowe, Ibafo Arepo and Environ.In area like wusa,jabi etc in Abuja
So if you have bought a land that runs afoul of these 7 Conditions You have yourself to blame because you refused to do a proper Land Search and Your land will either be revoked or the House on it will most certainly be demolished.
The Procedure for Regularization or Ratification of Title
(Important Notice) If your land is under Government Acquisition, you must do a survey plan and take it to the Surveyor General’s office to chart it to know if it is under Government Acquisition to know if it falls under the lands that can be ratified. If you haven’t done so please do so to know your land status.
So the Procedure to ratify your land includes thus:
1. The Applicant submits an application for processing to the Directorate of Land Regularization under the Ministry of Land also known as the DLR.
2. The DLR will chart the Survey plan and thereafter carry out a physical site inspection of the Land
3. If the Report of the Site Inspection is approved, the DLR processes the file further by raising a demand Notice for payment for land charges.
4. upon payment of land charges by the Application (evidenced by the Treasury Receipt) the DLR Prepares the Letter of Allocation (Including the C of O) and forwards the Letter of Allocation to the Executive Secretary Land Use and Allocation Directorate for endorsement. The Letter of Allocation is thereafter released to the applicant.
5. The Applicant’s file containing the C/O is sent through the Permanent Secretary to the Honourable Commissioner for Land for Execution and after it has been executed the C/O is processed for Stamp Duty and Registration and released to the Applicant by the Honourable Commissioner for Lands.

Below are the Documents and Requirements of the Applicant for the Ratification/Regularization of His Land

1. A Covering letter by the Agent or person filing the application for Regularization must accompany the Application and must contain all the personal details of the Applicant.
2. A duly completed application form to be sworn to before a magistrate or notary public duly signed and dated.
3. Submit 4 Passport sized Photographs of the Applicant
4. Land Information Certificate
5. Photocopy of Purchase Receipt duly stamped
6. N100, 000 Current Special Development Levy
7. Tax Clearance Certificate
8. Sketch Map of the Site Location
9. Original Survey Plan (Which must have the Consent to Survey Number and Stamp
10. Photograph of the Property
11. One Original Copy of the Deed of Assignment
12. Administration Fee: N4000

P: S: Finally Note of Warning. Lands in Lekki/ Ajah/ Epe that are Under Government Acquisition will not be Regularized for now because there is a Suspension of Ratification of Lands there by the Lagos state Government and they are not giving any land there Approval, documents or C/O

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