Why entertainment, nightlife in Abuja will soon outweigh Lagos-Mallam Yankee

by DailyPost

Speaking with DAILY POST’s Entertainment Editor, Ameh Comrade Godwin, on the state of showbiz and nightlife in Abuja, Mallam Yankee reaffirmed his earlier viral comment on how the seat of government (Abuja) was drawing very close to the apogee, especially with the growing awareness among the public who now committed to entertainment, especially nightlife and event in order to ease off their stress.

Yankee said entertainment in Abuja was drawing close to equal that of Lagos or possibly take over from Lagos in a short while.

DAILY POST recalls that following his recent statement in the media that Abuja was taking over Lagos soon with regard to entertainment, most show patrons in Lagos have discarded his opinion, affirming that it was simply an utopian dream.

But the CEO, Yankee entertainment who has organized several successful events in the FCT, said there was a growing awareness among show lovers and that entertainment events are like therapy that momentarily or permanently proffer solution to either physical or psychological stress, and that with the growing awareness, Abuja has come to the point of taking over the industry from Lagos.

He said, ‘’ When you visit us and other clubs on Friday, you will know that my point is accurate. I think we are almost there. All we need is to sharpen ourselves to totally transform entertainment in Abuja. I do not make statement without giving my reasons. Though Lagos is doing very well, but Abuja is clearly on the rise. We must not be taken for granted. The presence of 2face and other artistes in the capital city here has sharpened the industry, and we are on a gradual move to overtaking Lagos, ‘’ Yankee asserted.

On his contribution to the ongoing transformation,
Mallam Yankee said,’’ we have been in this game for long. We started when people felt Abuja was not a place for entertainment, shows or nightlife. Many of our friends that started with us got discouraged, and gave up along the line. But we held on, and see where we are today. We are almost there. ‘’

On how the story changed, he said, consistency and passion were the two things that had worked for him and still working for him.

Speaking on his past successful show, Mallam Yankee named 2face album launch as one of his greatest shows he ever organized, putting Iyanya’s Album launch as his second best, followed by Charlyboy show-live.

Mallam Yankee insisted that economic downturn has no negative impact on showbiz and entertainment in Abuja. He said, ‘’that’s not true. Remember this is Abuja. We are doing just fine. I tell you that once there is passion, and you are consistent, things will turn out positively. We have no regrets being here.’’

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Giving a hint on his next event, Yankee disclosed that the next show will literarily “shake Abuja to its foundation”
He said, ‘’imagine having the new generation and the old generation coming together to enjoy the sweet moment of the night at the July edition of 2face Eargasm where we will have 2face and Victor Uwaifo. Imagine having other old and fresh artistes complimenting the two on a live band performance. Eargasm is music at its peak. We will also have Sir Shina Peters at the event.’’
Mallam Yankee urged government to invest in entertainment, pleading with the President as well as the FCT administration to encourage nightlife in Abuja and the entire country.

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