World Trade Centre Abuja inspiration from Tokyo, Paris

by Daily Trust

Standards in the World Trade Centre Abuja are comparable to those provided by similar centres in Berlin, New York and Dubai, the Assistant General Manager, Corporate Communications, Churchgate Group, Mr. Femi Awopetu assured.

Awopetu who exchanged emails with our reporter last Wednesday maintained that high-end property seekers should expect “the same satisfaction that is derived from living in a luxury apartment with world class. The WTC Abuja offers nothing less.”
Awopetu said luxury is the fundamental principle of WTC brand all over the world so the one in Abuja cannot be an exception.
He explained, “The World Trade Center Abuja, which will be the first purpose built WTC in West Africa was envisioned with the intent of establishing an elevated lifestyle for Nigerians.
“Inspiration was drawn from modern cities such as Tokyo, Stockholm, Paris; we believe Nigerians truly deserve to enjoy the same amenities and infrastructure without travelling abroad.”
The World Trade Center Abuja, developed by Churchgate Group is a mixed use development of luxury living, AAA offices, hospitality and shopping that offers unparallel luxury and comfort to those seeking a lifestyle above the rest.
Construction of the Phase One is now at the final stage, which comprises the residential and commercial towers.
The residential tower will offer luxury apartments with modern amenities, while the commercial tower will accommodate businesses of various sizes, with offices ranging from 100 to 1,440 square meters.
The buildings, at 24 storeys each, are set to define Abuja’s skyline.
The commercial tower is the tallest office building in the nation’s capital while the residential tower is the tallest residential building in Nigeria.
Future phases include the construction of a shopping mall and a 37-storey hotel which will be among the tallest skyscrapers on the African continent.
Awopetu said the first two towers will open to the public in the first quarter of next year.

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