Youth Entrepreneurship Program

YEP is an initiative of SEED foundation to strategically address growing youth unemployment. The program is aimed at making participants self-employed and employers instead of job seekers. Participants are trained in skills and entrepreneurship, those who excel in the program are given seed capital and other necessary support to setup their own small businesses.

The first phase of the program involves setting up 10 training centers in 10 different communities. Each training center comprises of 10 participants.


The program will run in communities in Abuja suburbs. These locations are chosen for a strategic reason, the Abuja suburbs have a great number of youths who have left their communities in search of non-existent white collar jobs in Abuja.

Abuja on the other hand lacks craftsmen whose services are needed by the working class people. There is hence a ready market for products and services of skilled craftsmen and women.

The program comprises basically 3 components;


Literacy training (including basic computer literacy).

Skill acquisition training.

Entrepreneurial training.


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Abuja Business Drone

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