Abuja Districts - The Federal Capital Territory is divided into districts, and the districts are grouped into development phases; There are phase 1, phase 2, phase 3 and phase 4. Each phase is divided into districts and cadestral zones.

Most districts in Phase 1 and phase 2 are highly developed with infrastructure in place. Some districts in phase 3 and phase 4 are also developed while others are still being developed.

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Phase 1

All the districts in this phase with exception of Guzape are fully developed with infrastructure in place, the districts include;

Phase 2

Most districts in phase 2 are highly developed and others are being developed, they include;

  • Gudu
  • Durumi
  • Utako
  • Jabi
  • Wuye
  • Kado
  • Mabuchi
  • Katampe (& Katampe Ext)
  • Jahi
  • Dakibiya
  • Kaura
  • Duboyi
  • Gaduwa
  • Dutse
  • Phase 4

    Most districts in phase 4 are still being developed, they include;

    • Karsana
    • Sabo Gida
    • Idu
    • Idogwari
    • Gwagwa
    • Kaba
    • Kajini
    • Ketti
    • Shertti cheche
    • Waru-Pouma
    • Gwari
    • Bude
    • Chafe
    • Jaite
    • Mamusa
    • Burun
    • Purfun

    Suburban Districts...

    These districts are not within the Federal Capital City (FCC) but because of their proximity to the FCC, they have attracted some development and many people who work in the FCC live in these suburban districts. These include;

    • Kubwa
    • Gwagwalada
    • Nyanya
    • Karu
    • Jukwoyi
    • Lugbe
    • Chika
    • Kuchigworo
    • Mpape
    • Dei-Dei

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